Horse Adoption


Name: Chablis

Age: 12

Breed: Grade/Quarter Horse-type

Height: 14.2 hands

Gender: Mare

Colour: Dun

Rideability: Not started under saddle. Not suitable for beginners or novices.

Additional information: Chablis came into our care through our investigations department and is now in good body condition, up –to-date on vaccinations, dental and farrier care.

Although Chablis is nervous at times, especially around new handlers and in new situations, she tries hard to please and is a very willing student. We feel this mare will have a bright future in any discipline with an experienced rider/handler who can help her reach her full potential. 

We are currently working on establishing trust and building her confidence with ground work and daily handling. Some work on the lunge has been started. She is a little herd-bound but we feel this can be addressed through kind, patient and consistent handling.  

Contact: Jane McCamus at 705-645-6225